Anarchist libraries

Existing anarchist libraries

Each library is its own project, regardless of the domain name, and you may want to join one of them.

To start a new one, write to

Language: Danish
Since: 2016

Language: German
Since: 2015

Language: Spanish
Since: 2012

Language: Finnish
Since: 2012

Language: French
Since: 2016

Language: Italian
Since: 2017

Language: Macedonian
Since: 2013

Language: Dutch
Since: 2018

Language: Portuguese
Since: 2019

Language: Russian
Since: 2011

Language: Serbo-Croatian
Since: 2012

Language: Swedish
Since: 2014

Language: Albanian
Since: 2016
Anarşist Kütüphane

Language: Turkish
Since: 2019

Language: Polish
Since: 2020

Language: Chinese
Since: 2022

Language: English
Since: 2009 (forked)

Other great sources of anarchist texts hosted here

Do you need a site for publishing anarchist texts with the same set of features? Write to

Elephant Editions’ Archive

Language: English
Since: 2016

Edizioni Anarchismo

Language: Italian
Full texts available on-line since 2015

Tabula Rasa

Language: French, Italian, Dutch, English, Serbo-Croatian, German, Spanish

2012-2015, project frozen.
Fifth Estate logo

Fifth Estate mirror

Language: English
Since: 2018